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Customer support at Beamreactor web systems

Help query
Phone support is reserved to our customers*. However if you feel like asking for information and still haven't set your mind towards using our software solutions for your every day needs, please do not hesitate to use the contact form.

Bug reports
If you are here it's either for you need help or encountered a bug you wish to get fixed. First of all, please write down immediately all the procedure and steps you made prior to being confronted to your issue. Every detail counts! Some rare bugs might occur, software isn't a perfect science and we often need to reproduce the exact same steps to determine the source, or occurance, of a bug. We'll do our very best to get software related issues fixed quickly.
Once you've written down your issue please check for potentially similar issues against the FAQ. Maybe it is a common problem for which a workaround has already been provided and/or you would find a better explanation towards some system behaviour there?
If the FAQ is not enough, please check our bug reports system, that can be reached by logging to this website with your account details, then click "feature request / bug report" in the control panel. A simple way to determine if someone else faced a similar issue is to enter a keyword in the search field at the top of feature request plugin page, such as "logged out" or "connection". Every related issue will then be listed underneath. Whenever possible if a similar entry already exists, please further it with your experience, give us details towards the expected behaviour and what happened instead, as well as plausible problem causes.

Ticket support
If your issue isn't software related, please use our ticket support system, this allows for a reasonable treatment of your needs, such as website help, graphic intervention or detailed plugin how to, whilst letting our team focused towards the immediate priorities... Be patient! We'll get back to you asap.

Phone support
The phone service, that should only be kept for critical situations, is only provided to our customers after the signature of an agreement, by affording one of our development packs or website solution. If you already are amongst our customers, please refer to your Beamreactor registration letter and/or contract sample for our phone details.

In all cases, please don't panic! We're here to help you.
*We would appreciate if you were to use this feature lightly and for critical situations only