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Visibility on the web is often what makes some ahead of the mass. This became recently a crucial aspect of a workers personal communication thanks to the social networks and aside of the traditional CV. But is it sufficient?

Most often, social websites drown you in a mass. Confronted to others, within the same environment, isn't always desirable if you truly wish to express a difference.

Our web engine makes it easy for you to communicate with everyone through your personal website, featuring full control over the data, website registrations, and contents.

In our personal website package, you'll find:

  • The Beamreactor SDP system, with its internal webmail, WYSIWYG web page editor

  • The blog system

  • The user management system to allow or deny access to your private information

  • Everything needed for your communication, such as mass mailing tools, private image galleries

  • An easily modifiable skin featuring your name. If you need us to personalize the aspect of your website, contact us!

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