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Everything you need to start or upgrade your very own web retail shop!

The beamreactor commercial websites solutions provide you with various important tools such as:

  • A full website, driven by the Beamreactor web engine, with an adapted design featuring your logo and color scheme, your own email web system for you to benefit from a centralized architecture.

  • A fully configurable web shop, allowing for the easy addition of any product, with your reference, your supplier reference, discount options and promotional codes, a settable VAT and currency amongst other details

  • An adapted statistics system, and online trackers to determine the average visit time and page order for each, or all of your customers.

  • An optional members area for your customer to talk about your products, through forums, product comments, eventually RSS feeds from external companies, a chat.

  • An optional set of customer support features such as requests (for software companies), live support chat, support ticket systems, dedicated mail systems.

  • Optional web hosting and domain name whenever necessary