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XML operations in Beamreactor

XML is a powerful language. See why and how you can use it in your everyday Beamreactor operations.

Most users should by now understand the inners of Beamreactor, but have you checked further? Of course, the system has its regular plugins, includes, databases, locales, and it prints pages for anyone to read. It is WYSIWYG as well, yes.

How about this XML directory?

Often, we get this question, what is the XML directory for? Depending of your Beamreactor version, the XML directory might be a crucial cog of the web engine.

XML is the acronym for eXtensible Markup Language. Giving a full description of its capabilities isn't the scope of this article, but roughly it is a receipe for any computer to exploit data seamlessly and effortless, either for human or computer user.

For Beamreactor, the XML files are necessary

It is at the center of the plugin and database system, and comes in play in many scenarios:

  • To allow for the internal search engine to provide specific content according to the user level, in a safe and reconfigurable fashion.
  • To let Beamreactor relate between articles and keywords, especially in the case of tag clouds, sort of list of most common keywords (very popular in the blogosphere) that greatly increase referencing and provide the website visitors with an easy mean to reach the content they seek for with a simple click. It also applies in the case of lexicons, or to determine the most valid and/or probable content for a given keyword.
  • To allow for document import and/or export.
  • To search, check, export links. Imagine how easy it gets to correct dead links thanks to a simple XML framework?

But I thought Beamreactor had its own, proprietary formats? And isn't the database stuff sufficient?

Yes, and no. Exporting the user content, and databases, is a step - all the content would stay fully compatible with Beamreactor. But how would you then push it back into another system database? It would need the creation of a parser, a delicate and error prone operation that would need probably a day or two of work for an average coder. Some files would simply be useless, and finally a lot of the original information would be lost.

This is something you don't want, and neither do we.

That is why we provide a particular XML framework for one to export the website contents easily. A coherent conversion document would make it simple to push it back into another XML enabled system with a minimal effort, the modification of a few text documents to allow for seamless data insertion at the destination level.

Now you understand why Beamreactor is not only WYSIWYG, often modified by XML coders into WYSIAYG, that is "What You See Is All You'll Get", but portable and inner communication enabled.

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